Entry #1

Ya like ta, MOVE IT!

2009-03-20 02:20:40 by Swansenfagen

What's up pimps and whores?

This is Kiwi Gear here to give you a little update.

The forum has been tweaked a bit, it's still
http://z15.invisionfree.com/Gear_Group /index.php?

new banner and stuff and shit, please go join.

New intro is in the works also.

And my first gear flash is on the way! DON'T MISS IT!

So yea, that's just about it.
Please join!

Ya like ta, MOVE IT!


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2009-03-20 02:22:08

I'm scared.

Swansenfagen responds:

of Sex? or talking objects with Gears for faces?


2009-03-20 02:39:05

fuck you lOL

Swansenfagen responds:

I heard from a reliable source the usernamed loves dick in his ass, especially black ones, in fact, this reliable source used the term "nigger dick" If my memory serves me.

This only leads me to further believe that usernamed loves nigger dick. Usernamed, can you comment further on this belief of mine or do you stand convinced?


2009-03-20 04:57:57

holy shit
that's my grandpa

Swansenfagen responds:

SAME HERE, are you my cuisine?


2009-03-20 13:48:35

Smiley-Bob you crazy bastard.

Swansenfagen responds:

Biley-Smob, you bazy crastard.


2009-03-21 00:57:59

hope you do well

Swansenfagen responds:

I'm gonna try.


2009-03-21 01:16:11

hopefully you don't get someone named "metal gear" lol


2009-03-21 11:30:45

GG fo lyfe

Swansenfagen responds:

Hell yes.


2009-03-30 18:23:15

yo kiwi check the forum.


2009-04-12 03:20:29

yay, another group like CC, KK, LL, AA or l don't know what the fuck.
Why can't you stop copying the kitty crew and the clock crew...find something creative.


2010-03-13 04:14:50

Will I be allowed do make whatever flash movie I want this time, and will Madness Gear still object to my ideas saying they are what he does :)


2010-06-24 09:46:44

are gears still alive?